A hassle free master vendor service is all you need!

Organizations are always on a lookout to curb extra expenses and major risk exposures. In scenarios where firms are focusing on different skills required to match their demands, they hire resource vendors or suppliers for each set of skills. This happens to be a tedious job with all its management difficulties. Organizations that require such diverse staffing often carry out recruitment processes or hire a staff provider or vendor. So with multi-vendor operations there are difficulties of switching vendors, administer payrolls and tracking operations after the change of a vendor. Even with a direct recruitment process, one firm needs to hire a permanent employee, providing him full benefits regardless of the suitability of candidate. Managed services in the temporary recruitment space have been in existence for more than 20 years now and the master vendor model, where just one recruitment agency provides all or most of the required workers is a perfect solution for firms. The model had emerged in a protectionist stance against the recruitment industry.

Master vendor service is all you need to manage a large pool of vendors with optimized systems to achieve the organizational objective. Master vendor program culminates a single consolidated relationship of staff recruitments for clients with the staff supplier. This program ensures smooth operational flow of the organization’s systems without any interruptions to reach its goal. The Master Vendor service removes the administration of agencies away from you. With the  collaboration of secondary agencies they provide great solutions but beyond that the booking and finance processes goes through the master vendors With the processes going through the master vendor program, they can also work with you to streamline processes such as time sheets and invoicing with  implementations of paperless processes.

One such master vendor service provider is Collabera. Working with the fortune 500 companies, we cater to a huge client base with tailor made systems to render all the resource management solutions organization needs. We construct our client’s recruitment and staffing providers into a single Master vendor relationship with zeal to work as mediators in the comprehensive management of all their operations. Our master vendor services deduct the hassle of direct point of contact with multiple recruitment agencies and multiple invoices. Our Master vendor program deals with singular relationship between clients requirements and suppliers

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