Why Enterprises Are Turning To Managed Service Providers?

What is your core competency as a business? Whatever it is, it is unlikely to be managing information technology needs of your company. So why not take help of a specialist in the field. Just like we turn to a builder to make our office or a lawyer to advise us on legal issues, why not turn to a managed service provider for our IT needs.

A managed service provider company provides information technology network support and management services on contract basis. Proactive maintenance, systems monitoring, remote and onsite support are some of the tasks a managed service company does with ease for a client.

It is extremely challenging to always stay updated, monitor new digital trends and provide round the clock IT support to your customers. You definitely need more than just a small in-house team to manage your IT services and provide best in class digital working environment.

Companies that adopt new technologies faster always have a competitive advantage. Technology definitely gives you power and winning edge but with this comes in great responsibility to continuously stay updated, monitor new digital trends and provide round the clock support to the users.

By giving the job of managing IT services to a managed service company, organisations can focus on innovations and operations that are core to running their business. Managed service companies can provide the much needed IT support and services to companies so that they can thrive in this competitive world.

Here is how you can benefit from the services of an MSP:

  1. Cost savings: Is it expensive to work with an MSP? It can be much cost effective to work with MSP than one can thing of in the first place. IT managed services companies can save you the expenses and investments of developing and managing robust IT networks.

  2. Higher efficiencies: A good Managed Service Company can help you bridge the gap between the skills and capacity of in-house IT department and the IT demands you may have from your clients. An MSP has required skill sets and expertise to work on different IT projects. You can cover a larger bandwidth of IT services by partnering with the right MSP.

  3. Faster response time: Dedicated service provider can repair network problems and quickly implement new technology. Most of the managed service provider companies have helpdesks that provide technical support 24X7.

  4. High Security: A managed service provider takes care of government regulations, market competition, new technologies, network security issues etc. This ensures your business is secure and safe.

  5. Top-quality IT infrastructure: Partnering with a superior managed service company gives you the advantage of availing a world-class IT infrastructure. It can range from more storage and cloud space, higher bandwidth or a digital innovation to fight the fierce competition.

  6. Stay ahead of competition: MSPs are generally the first ones to know of any updates, new products or technology launches in the market. This can give you competitive advantage in the industry.

  7. Reduced Risks: Evolving government regulations, market competition, new technologies, network security issues are some of the risks that IT companies have to face. A managed service provider takes care of these with the help of his domain expertise to ensure your business is secure and safe.

At Collabera we have a strategic approach to providing IT management services. We offer scalable, flexible, and secured services using our client certified remote development centres in US and Asia-Pacific region.


The services we offer include: App Development Services, Management of Network Services and Infrastructure, Managing Network Services . Our team of experts provides a unique blend of services to our clients in the field of Application Co-engineering Services, Network and Infrastructure Management,  Big Data and Analytics, End User Services, Cloud COE, Agile Transformation and DevOps and Integrated PMO Services.


Our management of network services and infrastructure include  server management, engineering and network security, System performance, Remote monitoring of infrastructure, Implementation, security, emergency play etc.

At Collabera, our technical expertise remains our dominant strength. You can be assured of outstanding outsourcing experience with Collabera. Our services are cost effective, well researched, technically superior and extremely secure.


We have client certified and secured proximity development centres in the U.S. and APAC region that enable us to offer scalable, flexible and secure IT managed services.

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