Perfect solution for a better management of IT services

In the new economy of IT manufacturers and IT revolution, firms are currently moving away from a “box-shifting” resale to a more customized and managed service offering. This transition is triggered by billing and sales processes of intangible managed services appear as the main challenges for traditional resellers. IT management services are primarily used for managing the network environment of an organization and are typically delivered by a third party or external IT service provider under a formal contract or service agreement. These services can include enterprise network management, monitoring, security, capacity planning, performance monitoring, continuous technical support, etc.

Managed IT Services

Typically, IT management services are performed on the in-house or enterprise-owned IT infrastructure. However, this can also include the service provider’s or another third party IT service platform, resources or infrastructure. It may refer to an ongoing service that oversees the IT infrastructure of an organization responsible for network and data communication operations. It is a broad term that includes all the IT-centric technological, management and operational guidelines, policies and procedures performed by a service provider.

Collabera provides a 360-degree solution for your entire IT operation including strategically design, development and execution of management and optimization. For an ever-changing innovative world, keeping a controlled IT environment by running smooth operations is challenging and demands a highly skilled staff. New innovations and a plethora of advancement in the technological state of the organizations, it’s hard to compete in a holistic view. Collabera has 25 years of experience in providing reliable recruitment and managed IT services. It offers a wide range of cost-effective solutions with the help of remote development centres in US and Asia-region.

We offer services like:

App Development Services

  •    Application development services and its design.
  •    Evaluation of the Application designs and its performance.
  •    Creation of suitable application architecture
  •    Facilitation of Application migration / Re-engineering
  •    Support and maintenance of the application
  •    Full support for Digital transformation
  •    Quality assurance and testing with advanced tools
  •    Quality assurance automation on tool configuration, execution and test management
  •    Performance optimization through the Performance, regressive and safety tests
  •    Comprehensive Mobile technology services
  •    Development of mobile application with thorough management of mobile devices and mobile tests

We oversee and provide Management of Network Services and Infrastructure. Our network infrastructure management service has been spot on with many organizational objectives for efficient transformation and management of the critical network infrastructures. We help in integrating infrastructure and applications into a single platform with continuous functioning as a whole. Our management includes better handling of your devices both remotely and on- site.

Managing Network Services:

  •    Server management services
  •    Network Infrastructure and Data Centre / Network Operations Centre
  •    Better engineering and Network Security
  •    Migration and management of the workload of infrastructure as a service
  •    Risk-free Control and access to maximum network resources with higher security levels.
  •    Analytics and complete reports on the System performance
  •    Thorough remote monitoring of infrastructure and its sustenance
  •    Implementation of latest tools and technology for better security and emergency play
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