Is This The Right Time To Invest In Permanent Placement Services?

Permanent Placement ServicesIs This The Right Time To Invest In Permanent Placement Services?


Today we are attempting to answer a very tricky question for you. When is the right time to invest or opt for permanent placement services. But before we do that, here is the disclaimer, even the best HR managers in the business cannot time the job market right. So, through this article we will try to help you answer a few critical questions related to permanent staffing solutions so that we can support you to take a well informed decision to opt for permanent staffing agencies or create a team in-house to handle the permanent staffing.

Permanent employment agencies also called professional recruitment agencies are companies that provide candidates as permanent employees to a company. Permanent placement agencies also provide other services related to permanent hiring such as sourcing, screening, and on-boarding of candidates from junior level to positions to CXO-level positions.

Permanent staffing agencies can take care of your end-to-end staffing needs. They have a thorough recruitment process in place. Hiring a permanent placement recruiter allows you to deploy advance assessment tools to ensure top performing candidates are selected.

Do ensure that the permanent employment agencies have teams who are experts in their knowledge and have extensive network in the industry. If you understand the recruitment process well and deploy the necessary tools and teams to manage it then you can be rest assured of amazing results.

Are you looking to get the right candidates faster? If yes then go for the staffing service. This can result in faster filling of positions. Permanent staffing agencies with extensive network and sound knowledge can help you fill the positions quickly with the right staff. It will save you the time to identify the right top performers, screen him for various aptitudes and attitudes fit and take him on-board smoothly.

Permanent staffing agencies who are clear about the specific requirements of the company and understand the company culture well will get you an exceptional performers with all the necessary traits required for that particular position.

If productivity and retaining the candidates is your worry then too permanent staffing solutions is a good option. The candidates recommended by permanent staffing services companies are based on their fit with not just the skill sets but also other softer aspects like how well will they be able to adapt to the company culture, their ability to adjust with a new team and their positive attitude towards work. This increases the probability of the candidates staying with the company longer and delivering more productively.

Your engagement with  permanent employment agencies can result in establishing an effective outsourced staffing solution in your organisation. This will ease the pressure from the HR department and help them focus more on strategic work.

Permanent staffing solutions company generally provides you a complete value for money package that includes services related to hiring, training, payroll, compliance and smooth on-boarding of employees. You do not have to bear any administrative and overhead costs of hiring, training and retaining the staff.

A well-established permanent placement services company like Collabera can be your trusted partner to help you with permanent staffing services from start to finish.  At Collabera we understand our client needs and ensure highest ROI in recruitment process. Our streamlined processes, timely delivery and cost effective approach makes us your right partner for permanent staffing.

We offer a comprehensive range of permanent placement services.  We act as effective partners in finding the suitable candidates based on client requirements, criteria and company culture.

Some of the verticals we serve are under permanent staffing services: Accounting and Finance, Human Resources, BPO Hiring, Mortgage, Digital and Creative Products, Sales and Marketing, Technology, Healthcare, Project Management etc.

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