Risks And Rewards Of Permanent Recruitment

permanent recruitmentRisks And Rewards Of Permanent Recruitment

Every organisation is looking for future-ready employees aligned to the vision of the company. High-quality candidates who have the perfect aptitude and attitude to handle a challenge is always an employer’s choice. What should be your strategy to lure such a fantastic workforce?

Should you hire them permanently to keep the goldmine of talent within the company for longer or should you keep trying out new and fresh talent every now and then to work on small and big projects for shorter duration.

The question is very tricky and the answer is not easy to find. But we can help you take some informed decision by telling you what you can expect and what you can avoid while hiring someone permanently. Here are some of the benefits and disadvantages of permanent staffing solutions.

The big dilemma of permanent and temporary

  • Permanent recruitment is for a longer time and you need to be extra cautious of hiring someone permanently. Temporary hiring is project based.

  • Once the project is over or a particular business objective is achieved, the candidate will have of to be released from the position.

  • If you are opting for filling a strategic position you can opt for permanent hiring. Or if the candidate is expected to add value on an ongoing long term project then this hiring model works well.

Faster vs slower process of hiring

  • When you are getting into a long term engagement you obviously would like to spend a good amount of time in researching about the candidate and screening each and every aspect of him. This requires more interview rounds, multiple checks, aptitude analysis etc. You may want to outsource this task to permanent employment agencies.

  • This makes the hiring process complex and extremely time-consuming.

  • Contrary to this, in contract hiring the process of hiring is much faster as it does not involve many levels of interviews.

The sensitive issue of risk and security:

  • Permanently hiring a candidate gives you the security of having a person on-board for a longer duration. There is someone who will take care and own a particular process in your organisation.

  • This is extremely important if the function role deals with external stakeholders like vendors etc.

  • Dealing with permanent employees gives the vendors a more secure feeling and strengthens their trust towards the company.

Be ready to invest time and resources on the employee

  • An organisation has to constantly work towards improving the capabilities of its workforce.

  • Training, soft skills, communication etc are some of the areas you will have to spend on in case you hire a person permanently. Other expenses company benefits for health, retirement etc.

Hiring permanent staff is indeed a critical process that can have widespread and long-lasting impacts on the growth or failure of the company.

While businesses hire staffing agencies for sourcing temporary talent, many are unaware that professional recruitment agencies or permanent placement agencies are a great choice for hiring permanent employees. Permanent staffing agencies have dedicated resources and team of experts who take care of end-to-end tasks like filtering applications to completing the on-boarding processes.

At Collabera, we offer a comprehensive range of permanent placement services.  We act as effective partners in finding the suitable candidates based on client requirements, criteria and company culture.


Some of the verticals we serve are Accounting and Finance, Human Resources, BPO Hiring, Mortgage, Digital and Creative Products, Sales and Marketing, Technology, Healthcare, Project Management etc.

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