Why Should You Invest In Permanent Staffing Services?

Permanent placement

Organisations like to focus on their core competencies and outsource part of their non-core activities like hiring and recruiting jobs to professional recruitment agencies. Permanent placement staffing agencies are companies that provide candidates and services related to permanent hiring. These agencies take care of sourcing, screening, and on-boarding of candidates from junior level to positions to senior leadership positions.

There are many companies offering Permanent Placement Services. The key question is why would you like to partner with such companies. Here are a few reasons that might help you to decide whether to hire a permanent staffing services partner:

  1. Better quality of candidates: Well-networked permanent placement recruiter will fetch you candidates with superior skill sets and culture fit faster. They have expert teams who work every day to identify the right top performers for your company.

  2. A complete package: Permanent staffing solutions company gives you a complete value for money package that includes services related to hiring, training, payroll, compliance and smooth on-boarding of employees. You can save on administrative and overhead costs of hiring, training and retaining the staff.

  3. Quick delivery: Vacant positions in a company can hurt your profits. Permanent employment agencies have a large database of candidates. A fully dedicated permanent staffing agency will get you the right candidates faster.

  4. Candidates stay longer: The staffing agencies take not just get you the best in class candidates in terms of skills but also candidates that fit well within the culture of the organisation. This increases the chances of candidates staying longer.


At Collabera we offer permanent placement services that are timely, cost effective and have a robust screening process. Based on our understanding of the client needs we propose placement packages that ensure the highest ROI in recruitment.

Hiring the best is our most important task and at Collabera we do it with the help of our team of experts and our key insights which we have gathered over decades of experience of working in the field.

We become your trusted partner in hiring and ensure that recruiting becomes a fantastic collaborative process that proves to be of competitive advantage to your company.

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